Welcome to The Top



My name is Johnathan McCastle and I am the master barber at the TOP SHAVE LOUNGE. I believe in honesty, integrity, quality, and care. Each service that I perform is carried out with these qualities in view. The thing that drives me is my love for people. The environment I create is one that I can inspire confidence and educate men on how to take care of their skin, so that they can enjoy a truly relaxing experience in an upscale environment.

Traditionally throughout history, men have been providers. Doing whatever it takes to make it happen. At THE TOP SHAVE LOUNGE, it's your time. A time to relax, a time to be rejuvenated and a time to be built up.

My personal shaving journey: Growing up like most men, I was not taught how to shave. When I was 18, I got a razor in the mail and went out and bought shaving cream. I shaved myself with that razor and had a terrible experience. That was my introduction to the world of shaving. I was left with razor burn and ingrown hairs. My post shave appearance can be likened to a nestle crunch bar...and so the search began.

I started my career at the Minnesota School of Barbering. There I was taught the value in quality craftsmanship, as well as building interpersonal relationships with clients. After graduation, I had the privilege of working at Grooming House Barbershop. There I was able to hone my craft and provide a better overall grooming experience. Eventually, I was introduced to a product line that made shaving an enjoyable process for me. Gone were the nicks, ingrown hair and irritation. In order to continue to refine my skill set, I made the transition to the Art of Shaving. There I was trained in the art of performing a luxury shave. 

While at the Art of Shaving, I had the privilege of serving as the official barber of the NFL draft. I have been featured in the Mall of America blog in addition to shave services at private events for high-end retailers such as Nordstrom and Von Maur. I also specialize in luxury services for grooms parties, business executives, NFL coaches, doctors, lawyers and more.

By the time of my departure from the Art of Shaving, I was truly a master barber ready to face any challenge that lay ahead. I then went on to receive further training on skin types and issues commonly associated with them, as well solutions for these issues. I used the knowledge that I received to teach people the importance of a good skincare routine, how to deal with various skin types, and conditions and issues.

At THE TOP SHAVE LOUNGE you will experience the skills I have mastered through shaving thousands of faces and helping countless individuals realize how enjoyable shaving can be. My most earnest desire is to share my experience with the world!